I enjoyed the shopping sessions and I appreciate that we were able to buy items that fit with what I have in my closet. I loved finding new items I wouldn’t have thought of on my own and revamping my personal style.


I learned how clothes are supposed to fit me. I learned what styles are the most flattering to me.

I feel so much more confident in my business clothes.

I most enjoyed how I felt taken care of. I didn't worry at all and knew that you would take care of my style and help me get the clothes I needed. It was such a positive experience for me - something I've never had with shopping/clothes/styling. THANK YOU!


Naana completely turned around two important things in my life - my closet and my outlook on fashion.

She was an outstanding, patient advisor who guided me to let go of the things I did not need in my wardrobe while directing me to the right clothing and accessories for my figure, taste, budget, and lifestyle


The experience not only gave me a better wardrobe -- but also more confidence. 

Naana is the best. A true professional who makes you feel like your only client. She has impeccable taste and worked on my wardrobe/closet, building me up and teaching me practical, super helpful tips along the way. 


I found myself suddenly in need of a personal stylist for my engagement photoshoot and was referred to Badu Basics by a trusted colleague. It was one of the best recommendations ever given! Naana's consultation was very professional, thorough and personable. I would highly recommend her with no hesitation!

BREA  - HR Director

Naana came up with combinations that I would not have been able to envision. She absolutely provided an amazing look for the shoot, but also eased what could have been a very stressful event for me.

Naana definitely helped me to fine-tune my style and find my “me”. It was like she "eliminated the static" and made the goal clearer.

She takes the time to learn about you - not just what you like to wear, but your lifestyle and what style works best for you.  Her analysis helped me to see that I wasn’t shopping smart. I really appreciate how Naana quickly recognized that how I shop wasn't beneficial to me. She gave me the “permission” I needed to stop shopping sales just because it’s a sale and showed me how to focus on “build” my look.


A custom fashion bible. Naana created something that I’ve always wanted.

Naana was able to put together an amazing guide that really walked me through everything --  accessories, colors, silhouettes will work best to accentuate my shape. I do not go shopping without first consulting my style assessment. I can’t say enough about how helpful and supportive Naana was throughout the entire process. She’s so knowledgeable. She’s so good and she’s just a joy to work with.


Working with Naana increased my styling IQ and helped me open my mind to new clothing. Truly a life altering experience

kerwin - financial advisor

It's the experience of being exposed to styles and colors that I would not typically choose myself.

melissa - marketing director

This was the best experience and exceeded my expectations. I spoke

to Naana yesterday…

and I’m all packed TODAY!

mellanee - chef

We would recommend anyone to work with Naana because she's willing to learn you and what you're comfortable with, but knows how to push the envelope just enough to broaden your perception of how you can express yourself through your wardrobe.


Naana worked tirelessly with the creative director to establish and create the looks that were most appropriate for our music video "No Worries Step Clap".

Not only does she have a creative eye for the look that fits your persona, but she also has a knack for getting you to explore places outside of your comfort zone that will enhance your style.

I enjoyed trying all the looks she put together for me and the well organized, professional process she designed for me and my team. I think Naana's talent is ready for exposure and support from everyday people and high profile personalities alike. It's only a matter of time before her service is highly sought after.


The experience is always one of excellence and satisfaction, leaving me amazed at her ability to capture the African aesthetic while integrating it into a contemporary and always relevant fashion sense.

She is always careful to consider the personal style of the individual she's working with and elevate it to another level. Everywhere I go, whenever I wear her clothes or creations, people stop to inquire about where they can get them.

Her work speaks for itself.