Pooja Kothari

This experience was incredible. I feel so much more confident in my business clothes. I'm like "Yeah I'm rocking this blouse and my pants are tailored!". I most enjoyed how I felt taken care of. I didn't worry at all and knew that you would take care of my style and help me get the clothes I needed. Naana - you are very good at what you do and I am so grateful we met. It was such a positive experience for me - something I've never had with shopping/clothes/styling. THANK YOU!

Lizzie Gelber

I enjoyed the honest feedback and the practical mix-and-match photos to help me remember the combos of tops and bottoms. Very useful afterward, especially when I was getting ready for work. I also appreciated the labels and packaging of the clothes (i.e. toss in 2 mos if you don't wear, go to tailor, etc.)

Asante Amin

I've worked with Naana Badu-Pettigrew (stylist and clothing designer) on multiple projects for my music production company. I am the musical director for one of our most compelling projects, Soundtrack 63. Every show requires at least two different looks, contrasting between a more conservative look and a more urban/hip-hop look (both utilizing African/print fabrics to some degree). The experience is always one of excellence and satisfaction, leaving me amazed at her ability to capture the African aesthetic while integrating it into a contemporary and always relevant fashion sense. She is always careful to consider the personal style of the individual she's working with and elevate it to another level. Everywhere I go, whenever I wear her clothes or creations, people stop to inquire about where they can get them. Her work speaks for itself.

Chen Lo

Naana Badu is amazingly talented. Not only does she have a creative eye for the look that fits your persona, but she also has a knack for getting you to explore places outside of your comfort zone that will enhance your style. I really enjoyed trying all the looks she put together for me and the well organized, professional process she designed for me and my team. I think Naana's talent is ready for exposure and support from everyday people and high profile personalities alike. It's only a matter of time before her service is highly sought after.

Denise Shepherd

Naana Badu from Badu Basics completely turned around two important things in my life - my closet and my outlook on fashion. She was an outstanding, patient advisor who guided me to let go of the things I did not need in my wardrobe (mostly the drab, boring and tired out pieces) while directing me to the right clothing and accessories for my figure, taste, budget, and lifestyle. And she gave me the tools I need so that when I shop for myself, I will never be drab and boring again. I've never gotten so many compliments on my look in my life. Naana, my closet and I both thank you.

Nana Spio-garbrah

I was throwing an epic going away party as I was leaving the country indefinitely. I was completely indecisive as to what look I wanted but simply told Naana I wanted to be an alter ego for the night. As a former fellow management consultant, my wardrobe was classic with minimal color. She gave me two concepts: Black Barbie and Sasha Fierce. We scouted various stores from the outskirts of Maryland to Georgetown trying to find that unique dress that would forever etch my memory into the minds of my guests. After nearly two weeks of consultations and some hesitation on my part, we settled on a gold metallic long-sleeve stunner that fit like a glove. She helped me with my makeup and hair the night of the event, down to the jewelry - truly a full-service provider. Naana made my night. I never felt so sexy, so different and yet so comfortable. She pushed me a little beyond my comfort zone all the while knowing the boundaries. Now, anytime I get a little insecure about my looks, I go to the closet and take out that gold dress and I remember that I am still a star! 

Raii + Whitney

Brea Washington

Being from a small town and newer to the DC Metro area, I was always overwhelmed with the shopping process here and usually gave up after being in just a few stores. I found myself suddenly in need of a personal stylist for my engagement photo shoot and was referred to Badu Basics by a trusted colleague. It was one of the best recommendations ever given! Naana's consultation was very professional, thorough and personable. She came up with combinations that I would not have been able to envision. She absolutely provided an amazing look for the shoot, but also eased what could have been a very stressful event for me. Would highly recommend with no hesitation!

Saul McDonald

Naana styled me for my engagement photos and he she did a tremendous job!  I'm not a guy that's into fashion, so I was floored when I say how great the outfits looked she put together for me. Overall, working with Naana was an enjoyable experience because she is friendly and a talented stylist.  

Naana styled us for our 1st two-week headlining tour in Switzerland in December 2016. We had 10 shows and she styled us for each of them being mindful of the time of day and demographics of the various crowds. Naana has styled us for tv shows (Jimmy Kimmel, Saturday Night Live) as well as charity events and performance as we've worked as supporting vocalists with Alicia Keys.


Naana also styled us for our music video for "No Worries Step Clap". Our music video was a 4 scene journey that spanned multiple time periods. Naana worked tirelessly with the creative director to establish and create the looks that were most appropriate for the scenes.


We would recommend anyone to work with Naana because she's willing to learn you and what you're comfortable with, but knows how to push the envelope just enough to broaden your perception of how you can express yourself through your wardrobe. She is professional and transparent with what she can offer and the services she can provide. She takes her job very seriously and works diligently to make sure her client is pleased.

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