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I'm Naana Badu

stylist. speaker. coach.

I help women level up their style

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Start Dressing For The Woman You're Becoming

Hey Beautiful!


If you're visiting my world there are 3 things that I know to be true about you.

FACT #1. You're a BOSS! You have talents and skills that no one else does and you're ready to elevate to the next level in your career or business. 


FACT #2. Being AUTHENTIC matters. You want to stay authentic to who you are no matter what room you're in. You want your style to truly reflect you. #NoCopyCat

FACT #3. You want a TRANSFORMATION. Your style is safe and predictable. That must change. You're craving a wardrobe that matches the phenomenal woman you're becoming.

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Does This Sound Like You?

  • I want to feel more confident in my clothes and how I present myself.

  • I feel bored with my wardrobe. I'm tired of wearing the same clothes in my closet.

  • I want to wear more color and prints but I'm a strong member of the A.B.C - All Black Club.

  • I want to create interesting outfits but I don't know how to.

  • I can't find clothes that fit and I don't know what looks good on my body.

  • I can't find anything to wear and my closet is a mess.

Let's Work Together

As a stylist or speaker, I teach women of color who are business professionals and business owners how to own a wardrobe you love, dress comfortably and confidently for your body, and consistently show up as your best self wherever you go.



Elevate your style to live a confident life



Leverage your style as a communication tool for professional success

Heyyy! I'm Naana

"I have nothing to wear!"

"I can’t find clothes that fit!"

"Everything in my closet is boring!”

I'm supa dupa excited that you're here! Grab an almond milk chai latte and stay awhile.


I'm a corporate management consultant turned stylist and image consultant. For 12 years I've been helping phenomenal entrepreneur and career women of color (like you) transform their style and lead a life with more confidence.

 You're an unstoppable force and it's time to start dressing like it!

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What's It Like Working With Naana?

I'm happy because I learned how clothes are supposed to fit me and what styles are the most flattering to me. I also enjoyed the shopping sessions and I appreciate that we were able to buy items that fit with what I have in my closet.


Thank you for all your help! I enjoyed working together!


—  Shari, Accountant, Partner-In-The-Making, Newlywed :)

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Interested in working with Naana?

Take the first step to achieving the style you always envisioned!

You. are. ready. 

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