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I help phenomenal women of color elevate their style and become their most authentically powerful self

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Start Dressing For The Life You Want

Alright, let's have a moment of truth. YOU'RE FRUSTRATED.

You're working hard to build the business of your dreams or move your career to the next level.

You envision the phenomenal person, career, and lifestyle that you always dream of.

You want to be your best self. 

You want to make an impact.


There's just one problem. YOU'RE NOT DRESSED LIKE IT!

YOU'RE A SMART, PASSIONATE BOSS but none of that greatness is being translated through your wardrobe.


You're unsure about how clothes should fit and what looks good on your body.

You're tired of wearing the same old boring clothes in your closet.

You want to create interesting outfits but it's always a bust

You want to wear more color and prints but you're still a strong member of the A.B.C - All Black Club

You want to be stylish all the time but you don't know how to make that happen.

You don't even know what your personal style is or how to dress for it.

You can envision the stylish, confident, impact-making boss that you know you are, but you don't know how to bring her to life!


That's where I come in... (cue the horns)!

Stop feeling frustrated about your wardrobe!

Get clear + confident about how you dress

"I have nothing to wear!"

"I can’t find clothes that fit!"

"Everything in my closet is boring!”

"I have nothing to wear!"

"I can’t find clothes that fit!"

"Everything in my closet is boring!”

Schedule your FREE 30-minute consultation. 


Let's talk about where you're going in life and how you're dressing to get there.

I'm ready to get your wardrobe in check! Are you? I've been changing, upgrading, and transforming closets, styles, and lives for 12 years. Hit up my portfolio to see my clients in action.

Heyyy! I'm Naana


"I have nothing to wear!"

"I can’t find clothes that fit!"

"Everything in my closet is boring!”

I'm supa dupa excited that you're here! Grab an almond milk chai latte and stay awhile. Here's the deal on me.


I'm a former management consultant turned stylist and image consultant. For 10+ years I've been helping women see how powerful they are.


I teach phenomenal entrepreneurs and career women how to transform their style and slay their goals with confidence.

 I can't wait to connect with you!

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Elevate your style. Curate your wardrobe. Live your best life.


You're a passion-driven, high performing woman crushing it in your business or career (or aspiring to). 

You want to walk into any room and exude confidence, be instantly recognizable, and stay authentically you. 

I've taken all of the goodness from my private 1:1 full style makeover packages and created a personalized digital experience to elevate your style and position you to make power moves in your life!

Client Testimonials

OK, so listen, I don't invest in anything without checking out the reviews from previous buyers. So I encourage you to do the same.

This experience was incredible. I feel so much more confident in my business clothes. I'm like "Yeah I'm rocking this blouse and my pants are tailored!". 


I most enjoyed how I felt taken care of. I didn't worry at all and knew that you would take care of my style and help me get the clothes I needed. 


Naana - you are very good at what you do and I am so grateful we met. It was such a positive experience for me - something I've never had with shopping/clothes/styling. THANK YOU!


—  Pooja K, Entrepreneur, Unconscious Bias Facilitator, Phenomenal Wife + Mother

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