I help professionals of color, women, and millennials successfully position themselves for success.



As a management consultant, I've given countless presentations and facilitated multiple discussions for clients and colleagues.


Through it all, I made it a point to be as authentic and true to Naana as I could possibly be. 

Sharing everything I've learned from working at large corporate firms like IBM and Deloitte, and public institutions like New York University has taught me a lot about navigating the work environment as a woman of color. 


I want to share the lessons, takeaways, and principles that have guided me on a typical but atypical career path of fitting in but standing out.

How I Can Help

Personal + professional branding

Professional style in the workplace

Executive presence

Verbal and non-verbal communication strategies

Relationship building

Topics That I Speak About

Gain clarity on the messages your appearance and behaviors communicate in the workplace

Define your professional goals and your desired brand/image

Understand how to update your wardrobe to achieve your intended impact

The workshop successfully increased our consultants' awareness and understanding of how to build a professional brand focused not solely on skill and performance, but appearance and behavior as well. Naana's an effective listener and facilitator who understood how to design content that aligned with the expectations of our firm culture. I highly recommend Naana's services to any individual or company.

denise - director, big 4 consulting firm

Naana has a bold and engaging approach that resonated with our young professionals!

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