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Style Elevation Experience is a styling service for women of color leaders and business owners who desire confident, bold, and authentic style in every room 

Naana Badu

For the game-changing woman who wants a distinct personal style and an unforgettable presence

Your style does not reflect the real you

Your career is rapidly growing. You're the expert in your field. You're invited to speak for different audiences. You're called to meet with VIP clients. Your visibility is growing and you're in high demand. 


Unfortunately, your wardrobe does not reflect you.

You stick to black, gray, and navy blue because it's "professional".

You never experiment with color because you don't want to seem like you're "doing too much".

And accessories... what are those?!

You're dressing like everyone else. It's basic, safe, and predictable 😖. If you're not average, why do you dress exactly like your peers?

You're fading into the background which leads to you being undervalued and underestimated. Being overlooked is a confidence killer! 

What's holding you back from showing up as more of your authentic self at work?

You don't want to be seen as unprofessional

download (3).jpg

You're deeply afraid of your colleagues thinking you're unprofessional and the negative impact of that impression on your career. That's why you never wear anything beyond the basic navy, gray and black uniform🫣

It's exhausting thinking about what to wear


Decision fatigue is real when you get dressed. The bed is always covered in clothes before you leave the house! You want to dress better but you're tired of trying to figure it out. You need quick and easy solutions 😵‍💫

You can't figure out what your personal style is


Style is not your gift. What fits my body? What colors look good on me? You make an effort but you still feel like you're not "put together". You want to look fabulous all the time but it take so much WORK. Somebody help! 😩

Other people's opinions are preventing you from showing up as your best self

You don't believe you're worthy of the spotlight


You don't others to think you're
"doing too much"


You don't want to be seen as unprofessional

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What's Your Current Work Situation?

Business Woman Smiling

Career change in progress

You've recently been promoted or you have your eyes set on a promotion to a management, senior leadership or C-suite role. Your wardrobe still reads junior associate and that must change.

Leadership Presentation

Visibility is increasing

You're the expert and in high demand! You're traveling every week, speaking at multiple engagements, attending Board meetings and meeting with VIP clients. 

Young Dancer

Identity has evolved

Your clothes reflect the person you were 10 years ago. That younger version of yourself still trying to figure out her career path. You. aren't. her. You've grown and evolved into a dynamic leader but your clothes have not!

People want to see you but are you ready to be seen?

Your calendar is filling up with speaking engagements, client calls, Board meetings, and conferences. 

Girl, your expertise is in high demand and your visibility is growing.

You're excited! Unfortunately, you don't have anything exciting to wear.

giphy (1).gif

What you're doing isn't working

You want a wardrobe that represents everything fabulous about you. But what you're doing isn't working…

  • Buying new clothes but you never wear them (and they still have the tags on)

  • Putting together new outfits but they don't fit or look right

  • Hiring a styling subscription service but you still feel drab and boring


It’s frustrating and sucking up your mental and emotional energy.

It takes too much time which you don't have.

It's wasting your money and that's a big no-no.


You’re OVER IT.

2020-07-12 naana-85.jpg

You deserve to own a wardrobe that shifts you from unnoticed to UNMISSABLE

Style Is Transformational

Your style should invite conversations, compliments, and connections. Periodt.

Command the stage as a speaker with a visual story just as engaging as your words

Increase visibility with decision-makers because you've set yourself apart from peers

Invite conversations to expand your network by attracting others to you

Enjoy compliments at every turn with eye-catching looks

Walk into rooms and capture everyone's attention before you've uttered a word

Attract connections that lead to your next opportunity by leaving a lasting impression

Feel comfortable approaching VIPs with signature pieces that are unforgettable

Have relief and peace of mind knowing you look geeewd


Heyyy, Naana here!

I don't believe in being ordinary. Guess what? Neither do you.

I spent over a decade working in the corporate space as a Management Consultant. I learned firsthand the power of creating a memorable personal brand through my style. 

With my navy blue suit and African print headwrap or a jewel tone blouse and statement jewelry, I chose to bring my personality to the workplace through my image. The response from my peers and clients was resoundingly positive! 

I've dedicated 15 years to helping women of color leaders and business owners establish a distinct image that gets them recognized and leaves a lasting impression to help them excel in their careers.

I'd love to help you transform your style.

Hit me up and let's chat!

The real reason why your style isn't poppin' 

The #1 thing preventing you from elevating your style - Clarity and Knowledge.


You're not sure what you want your personal style to be. Without a clear vision, you're just throwing random pieces together hoping it works. 



You don't know how to dress for your body or what colors look best on you. This is one of the biggest gaps keeping your style stuck in the boring zone.

You can't transform your style without changing your mindset and habits. It's not just the clothes. It's the identity shift to being a fly and stylish woman.

Let's talk about a solution to your problem

Unlock your bold, authentic style and command an

unforgettable presence

What is the Style Elevation Experience?

Style Elevation Experience (SEE) is a personal styling service designed to transform your style and confidence.


You’ll have me as your style expert, coach, and hype woman to guarantee that you’re fierce and ready for anything happening in your life!

SEE is a long-term approach to building your wardrobe with the basics and statement pieces that align with your brand. 

We'll work together virtually and in person for 3 or 12 months to create a personal style that finally represents you. This experience will bring clarity, ease, and fun back into getting dressed!

What will we do?

style type

Identify your Style Type and clearly define what your personal style is


Create visual inspiration and have a clear vision of the personal style you desire

color season

Understnd the best colors to complement your skin and hair color

body shape

Know how to dress your body confidently and accentuate what you love

Style Session at Your Home

​That's right! I'm traveling to come see you!

  • Closet Cleanse. Break out the garbage bags because it’s time to let go of everything that doesn’t align with your desired style. We’ll create piles for alterations, donations, and discarding. 

  • Shopping. We’ll hit your nearest mall, outlet, or boutique and pick up items on your shopping list.

  • Styling Outfits. I’ll create looks for work or upcoming events. I’ll snap pics of each outfit and upload them to your digital closet so you can easily reference them.

Virtual Shopping
& Styling

I’ll shop online and share links to the items for you to make purchases. Everything happens in one easy-to-use tool called Hue & Stripe. Hue & Stripe is your online wardrobe tool that you can access with the click of a link.

Text Message

Text me pictures or videos of your outfit. I'll give you styling tips to make sure each look is on point!


The Value is Real

  • SAVE TIME. Have a style expert shop for you and create dope head-turning looks

  • SAVE MONEY. Invest in pieces you love and will actually wear​ more than once 

  • SAVE STRESS. Get dressed with ease with a closet filled with clothes that you love to wear​ and plenty of looks created for you by a stylist

my clients make a statement being their authentic self

Is the style elevation experience the right solution
for you?

YASSS, it's a good fit!

✅ You're building a brand and becoming more visible. You desperately need more alignment between your brand and how you show up.

You've been promoted to a C-suite, Partner, Director, or Senior Leader role but your style is giving junior analyst vibes.

✅ You're still dressing like the woman you were 10 years ago. You've changed and it's time to show it.​

✅ You're looking for a long-term solution to your wardrobe challenges. You need more than a few looks for your birthday party event. 

✅ You know the power of outsourcing. You're ready to hire a real expert to take your style to the next level!

NOPE, click the"X" to exit

​​You don't invest in your personal or professional development. If you're content with where your career is, then this isn't for you.

You're looking for a quick and cheap answer to your wardrobe challenges. You're on the wrong website.

You don't have 2 hours a week to dedicate to ordering clothes, trying things on, taking pictures of what you own, etc.

❌ You’re experiencing significant changes in your weight. Continue on your health journey! A wardrobe makeover will be a better option in the future.

You don’t like change and you're not open to trying new things. You resist anything you're not comfortable with.

❌ You don't have liquid funds to shop. This is not the solution for thrifting your entire wardrobe. 

"Sharp, glamorous, and sophisticated! That's how I feel after working with Naana. I walk into the room and my style commands attention. Her selection of clothing and jewelry also complemented things I already owned. That was a huge plus".

SVP/ Chief Clinical Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer
"My style was stale with confusing styles representing who I was from high school. After working with Naana my style is colorful, vibrant, on and popping, refreshing, fun and represents the woman I am today and who I am becoming".

Director, Product Accessibility

The Investment
Select the Full Year or 3 Months

  • 12 months of support

  • Your entire closet

  • 1 style session at your home

  • Virtual support

  • Personal shopping

  • Styling



  • 3 months of support

  • Work wear and key weekend attire

  • Virtual support

  • Personal shopping 

  • Styling

What My Clients Say

"This is a great proram and my experience working with Naana has elevated my confidence in my style. I appreciate how she has opened me to new items, but has not changed me. I think every piece and outfit idea is authentic to who I am - both perosnally and professionally"

Shari, Senior Accountant


"My style was stale with confusing styles representing who I was from high school. After working with Naana my style is colorful, vibrant, on and popping, refreshing, fun and represents the woman I am today and who I am becoming".

2020-07-12 naana-15.jpg

My guarantee to you


Girl listen, you might still have hesitations about whether the

Style Elevation Experience is the best option for you.


Here’s the deal: this program is an elite option and the investment reflects that. That might make you question if is it really “worth it?”.

I get it.


So in case, you are still hesitating to apply, this is my guarantee:


I am willing to promise you that if you participate in all of the calls, implement all of the work, and do not see an upgraded wardrobe, then I will style you for FREE until you get the result at no additional cost. 


If you’re truly ready to gain that unmissable presence and willing to do the work, then there is absolutely no reason NOT to apply.

You desire a style transformation

Great style anchors your confidence. You move with ease and conviction. 


When your visual presence is on point it allows you to focus on flexing your skills and stand firmly in your greatness!

💫 Your confidence soars
💫 Your visibility is raised
💫 Your presence is remembered

That's the transformation I promise to deliver for you with the STYLE ELEVATION EXPERIENCE 💯.

Hit me with your questions!

giphy (6).gif

Check out the FAQs below. If there's anything you're still unsure about please reach out. I want you to have all the information you need to feel confident that this is the right investment for you

Send me an EMAIL or DM me on LINKEDIN



Don’t spend another moment stalking my content and re-reading this page.

If you know this is for you, trust yourself enough to take the next step.

Your most authentically powerful self is waiting.

Apply to the Style Elevation Experience

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