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 You're an original, so why are you dressing like everyone else?

boring season is ovaaa!!

Stay right where you are because THIS 👇🏿 is your current situation

Your closet is on NEUTRAL OVERLOAD. Everything is White, Brown, Navy, Gray, and BLACK!

You have a lot of basics! The cotton tees, leggings, and single-button blazers are piled up.

After 2+ years of the pandemic, you're still living in YOGA PANTS and SWEATSHIRTS


Your calendar is filling up with speaking engagements, work travel, and client meetings. 

Girl, your expertise is in high demand and your visibility is growing.
You're excited!!!

Unfortunately, you don't have anything exciting to wear.

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Statement Making Style Is Transformational

Your style should invite conversations, compliments, and connections. Periodt.

Command the stage as a speaker with a visual story just as engaging as your words

Increase visibility with decision-makers because you've set yourself apart from peers

Invite conversations to expand your network by attracting others to you

Enjoy compliments at every turn with eye-catching looks

Walk into rooms and capture everyone's attention before you've uttered a word

Attract connections that lead to your next opportunity by leaving a lasting impression

Feel comfortable approaching VIPs with signature pieces that are unforgettable

Have relief and peace of mind knowing you look geeewd

Statement making style anchors your confidence. You move with ease and conviction. 


When your visual presence is about to turn heads it allows you to focus on flexing your skills and stand firmly in your greatness!!!

💫 Your confidence soars
💫 Your visibility is raised
💫 Your presence is remembered

That's the transformation I promise to deliver for you with STATEMENT MAKING STYLE 💯.


Heyyy, Naana here!

There's one thing that's true about me, I'm not basic. Contrary to the business name (I love alliteration and always wanted to teach women the 'basics' of getting dressed lol), I don't believe in being ordinary. Guess what? Neither do you.

You care about your image and want to show up strong for yourself. Wearing the same neutral colors, cardigan sweaters, and gray blazers is your everyday routine and you're over it! The bottom line is you have plenty of wardrobe staples, but there's no !!!!! In other words, the looks ain't gettin' no looks!

You're dressing like everyone else. It's basic, safe, and predictable. These words make you cringe😖.


You want your style to invite compliments and spark conversations with others as soon as they see you. You want to feel confident and be memorable. Unfortunately, you don't know how and you don't have time. Lucky for you making a statement and leaving a lasting impression is my genius zone 😎.

Hit me up and let's chat about how I can help you.

"Sharp, glamorous, and sophisticated! That's how I feel after working with Naana. I walk into the room and my style commands attention. Her selection of clothing and jewelry also complemented things I already owned. That was a huge plus".

SVP/ Chief Clinical Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer
"My style was stale with confusing styles representing who I was from high school. After working with Naana my style is colorful, vibrant, on and popping, refreshing, fun and represents the woman I am today and who I am becoming".

Director, Product Accessibility


One super important detail about your life is that TIME IS LIMITED

giphy (2).gif

Between work and home, you don’t have time to spend shopping or figuring out how to put an outfit together.

You’re looking for an IMMEDIATE SOLUTION to give your style a confidence boost.

You want an EXPERT EYE to show you a style direction, tell you where to shop, and create fly outfits you can wear.

You want to add freshness, vibrancy, and creativity to your style but you don't know how to do it.

Let's talk about a solution to your problem


Add visually striking, conversation-starting pieces to your closet. 

Upgrade your basic wardrobe to STATEMENT MAKING STYLE!

🌟 Bright colors and prints to energize those neutral hues 🌟

🌟 Eye-catching accessories to punch up those basic tops 🌟

🌟 Statement outfits that get you noticed and keep you memorable 🌟

This is exactly how it goes down!

STEP 1. Personal Style Form

Complete a Personal Style Form with all the details on your style preferences; your likes, dislikes, where you shop, sizes, style influences, and favorite colors. 

Step 2. Style Session

Meet 1:1 for a 60-minute Style Session on Zoom. During the call, I'll share your Style Profile, which is a snapshot of your style type, the best colors to wear, and the best styles for your body shape. You'll also try on a few outfits so I can see how you dress now and give you styling tips on the spot! 

STEP 3. Take Pictures

Use my Wardrobe Basics Checklist and take pictures of the basic items you own. Those white shirts, black suit, ya know the typical stuff. Upload those pictures to your very own online wardrobe. It's a tool you'll LOVE! Everything you need in one link - simple and easy.  

STEP 4. Shopping 

Shop for 10 statement pieces. I shop for you using my Statement Style Checklist! Yes, it includes clothing, shoes, and accessories! All the items are selected based on YOU - your style profile, shape, and budget. Your shopping options are easy to access in your online wardrobe. Look, love, click, buy. It's that easy!


STEP 5.  Lookbook

Create 20 statement making looks for you! I'll create outfits that include clothing, shoes, jewelry, glasses, bags, errrthang! It's all easy for you to access in your online wardrobe! Click a link, see a look, and get dressed with ease and confidence.

For my visual learners (I'm one too!) here's a fun graphic to show how it all breaks down



Personal Style Form

Complete your intake form with all the details about your style likes and dislikes

images (6)_edited.png

Style Session

Create a style profile with info on your desired style, sizes, and shopping budget

images (4)_edited.png

Wardrobe Checklist

Check off the wardrobe basics that you currently own in your closet

download (1)_edited.png


Shop for 10 statement pieces that vibe with your desired style

images (2)_edited.png


Create a lookbook with 20 outfit ideas for work and the weekend


The Value is Overflowing


  • Personal shopping for 10 statement pieces

  • Styling for 20 statement looks

  • Text me for real-time styling advice


  • Online wardrobe with all your shopping options + looks (watch a demo)

  • Color combination ideas

  • List of go-to places to shop

  • Statement making outfit formulas 


  • Mixing + matching colors with the color wheel

  • Creating statement making looks

  • Accessorizing


  • BONUS! Body shape guide

  • BONUS! Closet cleanse video series

  • BONUS! Affirmations audio files

my clients make a statement being their authentic self


"My style was stale with confusing styles representing who I was from high school. After working with Naana my style is colorful, vibrant, on and popping, refreshing, fun and represents the woman I am today and who I am becoming".

2019-10-11 Clothing line-131.jpg

The Investment


(Pay in full or two payments of $1,750. When you click the

'BUY IT' button both options will be available)

*In-person experiences are available for NY and NJ residents at a different rate. Book a call with me to talk about that option!

Is STATEMENT MAKING STYLE the right solution for you? Keep reading.

YASSS, it's a good fit!

✅ You have quality wardrobe basics. Check out my Wardrobe Basics List. If you’re missing items on this list you MUST purchase them before we get started on your shopping. That’s a hard-set requirement, friend.

Shopping online is not a problem. I'll be doing all of your shopping online. You simply purchase what you love. All purchases will be delivered to your home and you MUST try them on. That's the only way we'll know what works and what doesn't. Keep what you love, and return what you don't.

✅ You feel comfortable dressing for your body shape. You have a good understanding of your shape and what works well. You know the sizes you order that generally fit and you're comfortable trying on the clothes your order.

✅ Workwear is your focus - in the office, at home, or traveling. You spend nearly 70% of your time at work so that's where we're putting out efforts. You need looks for being in the office, WFH, traveling, or speaking engagements.

✅ You're ready to shop and buy immediately. Having the funds available to make purchases immediately is a must. I start shopping for you quickly and you gotta be ready to cop the goodness!

NOPE, click the"X" to exit

❌ This is not a program that will update your entire closet! If you need an entire wardrobe overall you’re in the wrong place sis. This is strictly for the person who wants statement pieces. And you must have these Wardrobe Basics to get started!

❌ We are NOT shopping for wardrobe staples and basics! If you need basic skinny jeans and white shirts keep on keepin' on. We are only shopping and styling in statement-making pieces!

❌ We’re focused 70% on workwear and 30% on weekend. Need lots of weekend clothing for date nights and outings with the kids? This ain't it. You spend 70% of your time at work so we're focused on getting that part of your closet right!

❌ You’re experiencing significant changes in your weight. You want to feel certain about your shape and what fits you well. If you're fluctuating between more than 2 sizes it's not the best time to invest in statement pieces. Continue on your healthy body journey! A wardrobe makeover will be a better option in the future.

❌ You don't have liquid funds to shop. This is not the program for a gradual investment to build out your wardrobe.  If you're not ready to buy ASAP its not the solution for you.

Hit me with your questions!

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Check out the FAQs below. If there's anything you're still unsure about please reach out. I want you to have all the information you need to feel confident that this is the right investment for you

Book a CALL, send an EMAIL, or DM me on LINKEDIN


when YOUR STYLE IS MEMORable so are you



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