Styling, How It All Started

My first client was in 2008. A vocalist (and friend) name Adoree. She was doing a photoshoot for a new album and her manager, Ethan (another friend, he was the photographer for my wedding) asked me to be the stylist. He said I had a great style and he thought I'd do a great job.


Naturally, I said yes because they're my peoples. But on the real, I didn't know EXACTLY what a stylist needed to do for a shoot. So I got thrown into the mix and I LOVED every minute of it.


It was creative, collaborative, challenging, but completed rewarding to see the final images and all of our brainstorming and visioning come to reality.


This was when I realized - I could do this. I want to be a stylist.

Why I Do Public Speaking

Stories are nice to have, but they're more important to share. I've recently started to walk into another superpower of mine - public speaking. As a management consultant, I've given countless presentations, facilitated multiple discussions. Through it all, I made it a point to be as authentic and true to Naana as I could possibly be. 

Sharing everything I've learned from working at large corporate firms like IBM and Deloitte, and public institutions like New York University has taught me a lot about navigating the work environment as a woman of color. I worked (and still work) on consulting projects but now as my own entrepreneur. 


I want to share the lessons, takeaways, and principles that have guided me on a typical but atypical career path of fitting in but standing out.

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