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Stylist + Image Consultant

Women come to me when they want to elevate their style and dress for the person, career, and lifestyle they dream of.

As You Grow & Evolve, So Should Your Style

You’re stuck dressing like Plain Jane when you want to be a Bold Powerhouse!

You don’t know how to consistently have a style that represents your best self.
You feel bored with your wardrobe, but you’re uncertain about how to make a real change. 
I’ll show you how to transition your style from boring and unnoticed to BOLD and RECOGNIZABLE!

My Promise To You



 Your knowledge about color, shape, fit, styling, and accessorizing will grow and help you make smart decisions about what to wear.

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You'll have FUN! Laughing is one of my favorite hobbies so you'll definitely enjoy yourself along the way.


Life-changing experience!

You're taking the first step to truly invest in the way you see yourself and how others see you. The compliments you receive from everyone will feel good, too!

Stop feeling frustrated about your wardrobe

Get clear + confident about how you dress

Take the first step to elevating your style!


Complete your style application form

Tell me more about where you're going in life and how you want to dress to get there.

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