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Who is it for?

For the melanated woman seeking a style transformation.


The Style Elevation Experience is a long-term approach to building your wardrobe with the pieces you need to fit your lifestyle.



To take yourself to a higher state of being, thought, and growth. 


To raise to a more impressive level.


The kid gloves are off and we ain’t coming to play, we come to SLAY!!!


  • Stand firmly in your expertise and experience

  • Consistently own your style in every room

  • Command the stage and share your knowledge with the masses


Leave a lasting impact and make an unforgettable impression

You WANT. MORE. IN. LIFE. And now is the time to get it!

You want to be
a B.A.U.S.

Bold. You’re not shy. You’re not hiding. Fading in the back and being forgotten is a thing of the past. You’re front and center commanding attention because you’re intelligent and worthy of being seen and heard.


Authentic. This is a core value. Being true to yourself is nonnegotiable. You dress without the confines of what professional is or isn’t. You’re creating your own style and discovering more about yourself along the way. It’s freeing and electrifying!


Unapologetic. No more apologies over here. Keeping up with the standards laid out by society are keeping you stagnant and 


Stylish. You want this word to finally resonate with you.  Everywhere you go you want to feel put together. 

What's your current situation?

Your confidence is crushed.

Your confidence has taken a hit and it shows. Your colleagues don't see you as a person of excellence. There's doubt, uncertainty, and even mediocre energy around you. You've been overlooked for opportunities, advancement, money and you're TIRED OF IT!

A career change is in progress.

You've recently been promoted or have your eyes set on a new role in management or leadership. You don't want to throw all your clothes away but you're not sure what to let go of or what to keep.


Career Promotion or Career Pivot

  • You’ve recently been promoted or you’re positioning yourself for a promotion to a leadership role - C-suite, Director, Partner, Senior Manager or the like

  • You’re pivoting from corporate to entrepreneurship or pivoting industries and you don’t know how to dress for your new career path

Your identity has evolved...

...but not your style. Your clothes reflect the person you were 5 or 10 years ago. That younger, doe-eyed girl still trying to figure out her career path.  You. aren't. her. You've grown and evolved into a dynamic BOSS but your clothes have not!

Increase visibility.

You're traveling every week for work. You have speaking engagements booked every month. The schedule is packed because people are calling you for your expertise!

You're burning the traditional standard of professionalism.

You’re burning the traditional standard of professionalism. You want to burn your navy and gray suits because they don’t align with your new career path. You want more of your personality to come through in your style

Fighting the fear of conform.

Breaking out of the conservative shell and embracing more color and courage in your looks.

What's her problem?
What does she struggle with?

Fear. Other people's opinions are preventing you from being your best self. You're deeply afraid of your colleagues thinking you're unprofessional and the negative impact of that impression on your career. That's why you never wear anything beyond the basic navy, gray and black uniform. You believe that dressing similarly to your peers will keep you safe and respected at work. Coloring outside the lines is a risk you're not willing to take.🫣

Fatigue. Whether it's decision fatigue or sleep fatigue. You don’t want to think about what to wear or how to put together looks. Style is important to your professional image. You want to put more effort into how you present yourself. You care but you're tired of trying to figure it out. You need quick and easy solutions. 😵‍💫

Frustration. Style is not your gift. Girl, we can't all be great at everything. And your sense of style is on the struggle bus. I'm not even gonna mix words on this one. You're tired of walking into the office and looking around the room and feeling a cringe at the bottom of your stomach because everyone else is more "put together" than you. 🥴 You want to look fabulous all the time but it feels like so much WORK. Somebody help!

What does she desire?

Investing gradually over a period of time is more your speed. 


Steadily building your wardrobe so it lasts for the long term. 


Having an expert select clothes to buy for each new weather season.


Having someone clean out your closet in person and handling the entire process for me.


Your closet and your wardrobe are in desperate need of LOVE. (Y’all when I create a dope acronym my inner creative is just too happy with herself LOL)

  • I have a major case of the I don’t know’s - What is my personal style? How do I dress for my body? Where do I shop? What colors should I wear? How do I accessorize?


  • Style framework

  • How to videos

  • Style challenges

  • I want to show my personality in my style

  • I want to be authentic AND professional. Is that possible?


  • Authentic Style Kit

  • Style profiles

  • Shopping directory

  • My closet is filled with all of the same things so I look the same at every event. It’s so boring.

  • Any time an event is happening I utter that phrase I dread “I don’t have anything to wear!”


  • Text access to a style expert

  • Statement maker list?

  • Outfit organizer

  • My closet is a HOT MESS! It’s filled with clothes that I don’t wear. I can’t find anything. I need a cleanse ASAP!

  • That feeling of overwhelm is settling in. It takes me forever to get dressed and my spouse is tired of me asking “How does this look?’. I have clothes, but can’t figure out how to put it together into a look that feels fresh and like me.


  • Wardrobe action plan

  • Style guides

  • Outfit formulas

The Solution

SEE is a year-long stylist service. For 12 months you’ll have me as your stylist, coach and image consultant to guarantee that you’re fierce and ready for any event!

Using my style framework, I’ll walk you through the building blocks of creating a wardrobe that represents you.

One of the biggest lessons I’ve learned over the past two years is that the power of working together in-person is special.

2020-07-12 naana-166_edited.jpg

I’m happy to announce that I’m hitting the road and working in-person with clients! I’ll travel to your home to offer the high-energy, personalized touch you need to get your style on track!

We’ll meet at your home two times during the year - in the Spring and in the Fall. Each meeting will be a 3-day style weekend filled with closet cleanses, shopping, and creating looks!


For 3 days I’ll be in your closet to jumpstart your experience so you can walk away with more clarity, knowledge, and a boost of confidence about your style.

Style Weekend
at Your Home

  • Review Wardrobe Planner. The wardrobe plan outlines your desired style, monthly spending budget, items you’ll purchase each season, and the best places to shop. 

  • Clean Out Closet. Break out the garbage bags because it’s time to let go of everything that doesn’t align with your desired style. We’ll create piles for alterations, donations, and throwing away.

  • Shop. We’ll hit your nearest mall, outlet, or boutique and pick up items on your shopping list.

  • Create Outfits. I’ll style you in real-time and create looks for work or upcoming events. I’ll snap pics of each outfit and upload them to your online lookbook so you can easily reference them.

  • Update Lookbook. I'll take pictures of the items you keep in your physical closet and upload them to your online wardrobe tool call Hue & Stripe.

Virtual Shopping
& Styling

I’ll shop online and share links to the items for you to make purchases. Everything happens in one easy-to-use tool called Hue & Stripe. Hue & Stripe is your online wardrobe tool that you can access with the click of a link.

Text Message

Text me pictures or videos or any looks when you need support.

Who is this for?

  • Airport Maven! Travel a lot for work

  • Speakers! Do a lot of public speaking

  • Client Engagers! Meet in person with clients 

  • Impact Makers!

  • Serious about your image and brand. With over 10 years of experience in your field and you hold a prominent status at work. How you look and feel matters and you know it. No matter what room you are in you want people talking about you in the best way possible.

  • Seeking respect and recognition.

  • Outsourcers. I flow in my zone of genius and invest in others who do the same.

Who is this NOT for?

  • You want a capsule wardrobe

  • You want a uniform

  • You want a quick fix to your wardobe challenges

Who am I?

A style expert, confidant, and sister-friend with a high energy, personalized touch!

Time Commitment

12 months

What's the Investment?


  • Investment is $15K 

    • Paid in full or payment plan of $3K deposit + $1000/month

    • Includes travel, accommodations, food, incidental expenses, assistant stylist - estimated $5K

C-Suite & Senior Leaders

Personal style is an investment in both your personal and professional development. Speak to your manager about investing in you by investing in your image for your career success and the impact it will have on your performance with the company.

What's the Investment?


  • Two in-person visits during the year

  • It's a 3 day event - color, fit, clean out your closet, shop with me, and come back to your closet 



  • Investment is $10K paid in full or a payment plan $850/month



($2.5K deposit + $625/month)

Style Type Discovery

Color Season

Body Shape 

2 Closet Cleanses



Shopping Items




($3K deposit + $1000/month)

Style Profile

Color season

Body shape 

2 Style Weekends

Closet Cleanse (in-person)

Shopping (in-person + virtual)


Shopping Items



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